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23/05/17 – Weekday bubbles — May 23, 2017

23/05/17 – Weekday bubbles

Today marks an exciting milestone for Nic and I, one that needed to be celebrated with a midweek bottle of prosecco (100% not preggo). I’ll divulge more into it soon, but for now it’s cheers all around for us to on this lovely Tuesday afternoon!

22/05/17 – Green grass and blue skies — May 22, 2017

22/05/17 – Green grass and blue skies

So there you are sunshine! London is gloriously sunny today, and due to my bike being fixed I got the joy of sauntering/walking into work in the sunshine. 

Nic and I watched Batman Begins this evening. I’ve never actually seen it before and absolutely loved it! Really excited to watch the other two this week!

21/05/17 – Seasonal breakfast — May 21, 2017

21/05/17 – Seasonal breakfast

Asparagus is in season and deeeelicious, here’s how we had ours this morning. Mmmm.

Nic is a poorly bunny again today so it’s another day in the house with our feet up. I’m not complaining as I got more animation done, finished my book and cooked a lovely Sunday lunch. 

20/05/17 – A Mini outing — May 20, 2017

20/05/17 – A Mini outing

Last year we stumbled upon the start point of the London to Brighton Mini drive in Crystal Palace. It was so cool and unexpected that I made sure to pop it in the diary for his year as well! Nic is a poorly bunny today but we still managed a quick walk around the Minis and to the shop. What a trooper! 

19/05/17 – 14 to go! — May 19, 2017

19/05/17 – 14 to go!

It finally didn’t rain today during my cycles to and from work! Though typically today was the one day I did wear a coat, so I was absolutely roasting… Better than cold and soggy!

Finishing off another bottle of gin tonight. We’re trying to slim down our collection by finishing some of the lesser full bottles. Only 14 to go!

18/05/17 – Make your mind up, weather — May 18, 2017

18/05/17 – Make your mind up, weather

Look at this glorious blue sky we had this morning! We cycled down to the lido, did our 800m swim, then went our separate ways to cycle to work in the glorious, warm sunshine. 

Completely different story cycling home… The heavens went against the forecast and I once again arrived home looking like a drowned rat. Get your weather act together, London!

17/05/17 – Wet wet wet — May 17, 2017

17/05/17 – Wet wet wet

I was so pleased this morning when it didn’t rain as I cycled to work. Sadly the same can’t be said about my cycle home though. This was the view from the shelter I took solace under as I organised myself for my ride home. I got absolutely soaked to the bone… Please come back sunshine!