Each Day is a New Story

A daily photo blog by London based digital designer, Steph Jones // @Stephhh

27/06/17 – Gloomy palace — June 27, 2017
26/06/17 – Shards and shard — June 26, 2017

26/06/17 – Shards and shard

My boss told me this morning “bad things happen in threes you know?” after two bad things had recently happened to me. Lunchtime comes around and I smash my phone! What is this last week?! Nic and I decided to go for a cheeky date night to cheer me up, so here’s a topical Shard photo I took on the way home to comiserate my phone that’s now in shards! We did, however, book a last minute trip to Barcelona for this weekend, so I’m much happier now!

25/06/17 – Sun’s out, roof’s down! — June 25, 2017
24/06/17 – Light house & light rain — June 24, 2017

24/06/17 – Light house & light rain

Lovely relaxing day with my mum today. We drove to Nash Point to do some walking along the cost despite the gloomy weather. Much warmer than when we came here in January that’s for sure! We also had a BBQ in the evening, because if there’s one thing mum and I are good at, it’s doing outdoor activities in the wrong weather…

23/06/17 – Change of running scenery! — June 23, 2017
22/06/17 – Early bird swim — June 22, 2017
21/06/17 – Sunny selfie — June 21, 2017

21/06/17 – Sunny selfie

The picture I took for today turned out to be pretty much exactly the same as a recent photo, so I thought why not go for a cheeky summer selfie instead? 

Here I am in 32 degrees heat at 6pm ready to do my 10 mile cycle home. It was not pleasant, but I did it, and I didn’t melt into a puddle until after I got home.