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16/05/17 – Sunshine special guest — May 16, 2017

16/05/17 – Sunshine special guest

The sunshine is back today! Nic and I managed to get our bums down to the lido for a early morning swim before work. Super pleased with that! Then as you can see the lovely Rach joined me for lunch at work as she was passing through London, always a treat. Last but not least I headed out after work for Mexican with a few of the girls. Busy day!

15/05/17 – Damp cycling — May 15, 2017
14/05/17 – Big smile, tiny kite — May 14, 2017
13/05/17 – Bubbly brunch! — May 13, 2017

13/05/17 – Bubbly brunch!

I have got so much done today. Nic and I cycled to the lido again this morning to get in a 800m swim first thing. Then I cycled to Fae’s to meet up with the girls for brunch (totally delicious with great company)! Then I cycled back home and drove to Decathlon with Nic for swimming things and then went home and fixed my bike and did some more video editing! See, busy fun Saturday for this Stephanie!

12/05/17 – Filming Friday! —

12/05/17 – Filming Friday!

Busy day today at work but when I finally got home I managed to do more filming for my first ever mini film I’m making. I’m absolutely loving being creative through a completely different medium, it’s really fun. I’m so excited to get all the bits filmed so I can start editing it!

11/05/17 – Morning swimmmy! — May 11, 2017

11/05/17 – Morning swimmmy!

Nic and I got up at 6.20 this morning to go to Brockwell lido for a swim! There’s nothing quite like seeing your breath as you swim outdoors in 14 degree water… Truthfully though it was actually a fantastic way to start the day, and I’m feeling much better about July’s triathlon.

Slight downside is we went for dinner tonight with friends, where I took this photo of the glorious sky, and I could hardly keep my eyes open. Sleepy Steph!

10/05/17 – Veggie nacho feast! — May 10, 2017