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20/06/17 – Summer in the city — June 20, 2017
19/06/17 – London is heating up! — June 19, 2017

19/06/17 – London is heating up!

I’m writing this in bed and it’s still 25 degrees out! London is in a heatwave and it’s come on strong. So much so our fave lido is suddenly too full to get into which makes me sad… We need to go in the morning only now if we want a chance! So as I cycled past that mental queue for the lido, I decided to clock a few extra bike miles instead and got this lovely view of London! Swings and sweaty roundabouts…

18/06/17 – Calm before the swim — June 18, 2017

18/06/17 – Calm before the swim

We were up at 8am this morning to have breakfast and head down to Tooting Bec lido to try and beat the crowds. Once we arrived they cleared out the whole pool for a big race which was in equal parts interesting and frustrating. When we left the queue was around 200 people deep to get in!

I also picked up my first ever wetsuit today which is super exciting! I’m sure you’ll be seeing a proper photo of me all kitted out very soon!

17/06/17 – A summers drive — June 17, 2017

17/06/17 – A summers drive

Off we went to see the lovely Luke and Michelle today in Aylesbury. Due to summer traffic it took us two and a half hours to drive there! I got a truckers tan from the sunshine along the motorway… But it was well worth the trip for the fun catch up, even if I am a bit pink now…

16/06/17 – Oh hey there little guy! — June 16, 2017
15/06/17 – Sunshine is my jam — June 15, 2017

15/06/17 – Sunshine is my jam

This post nearly became a “Pint?” categorized post until I remembered I had this stunning photo from this morning’s swim. London is tropical again and it’s bloody lovely for a morning swim before work.

A morning this sunny followed by an excellent evening with the girls? What more could you ask for of a Thursday.

14/06/17 – Couple of runners — June 14, 2017

14/06/17 – Couple of runners

Another round of brick training this evening! It hit 28 degrees in London today, absolutely glorious weather, but very warm for outdoor training! I cycled 15km home then spun round to run 5km with Nic in tow. We’re feeling quietly confident about the triathlon, hopefully this feeling will last all the way to the big day in July!